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Volunteer Boards/Commissions openings:

At this time, the Manvel Events Board has one vacancy.

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The Manvel City Council is searching for creative minds, visionaries, historians, business owners, marketers, designers, and anyone with a genuine interest and passion for Manvel and its future!

If this describes YOU, we would like you to consider serving on one of the City’s boards/commissions. While the time commitment is minimal, the opportunity to make a difference in the community is significant.

Volunteer Application

If you are interested in volunteering, please submit a Volunteer Application to the City Secretary at

Events Task Force – Meeting Dates (TBA)

The role of the Events Task Force will be to coordinate a balanced and diverse range of events that engages the community.

The deadline to submit an application to be considered for appointment is August 11, 2021.  Completed applications need to be submitted to the City Secretary at

For more information please contact City Secretary Tammy Bell at 832.336.4064 or via email at

Planning Development and Zoning Commission 

Purpose: To review, advise and make recommendations to the City Council on matters relating to City and extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) planning and development.

Applicants: Must be residents of the City of Manvel for at least 12 months, real property owners, and not employees of the City, and must have attended at least two consecutive PD&Z Meetings prior to being considered for appointment.

Duties: The Planning and Zoning Commission shall: Serve as an advisory body and adjunct to the City Council, and shall make recommendations regarding amendments to the Master or Comprehensive Plan, changes of zoning, zoning ordinance amendments, and zoning to be given to newly annexed areas, and other planning related matters for the physical development of the City. Approval or disapproval of plats of proposed subdivisions submitted in accordance with City ordinances as adopted or hereafter amended. Serve in an advisory capacity on any planning related item(s) in the City and perform other duties as provided for by the City Charter.

Time Commitments: Twice per month, in the evening, if needed, usually requiring 1 to 2 hours. Additional meetings may be required infrequently to accommodate particular circumstances.

Members: Members must be residents of the City of Manvel, real property owners, and not employees of the City.

Term: All appointees to the Commission shall serve as a member of the Commission for a term of office of two (2) years, expiring each year. Members may be reappointed with no limitation on the number of terms one member may serve.

Meetings: Every second and fourth Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at Manvel City Hall.

Current Board Members and Terms:

Planning Development and Zoning Commission

Board Member 


Ryan Miller
Kyle Marasckin3/2021-3/2023
Christine Diaz
Alina Rogers3/2021-3/2023
Christy Kennard3/2020-3/2022
Dorothy Wynne3/2020-3/2022
Muhammed Alam3/2020-3/2022

Manvel Economic Development Corporation 

Purpose:  To promote economic development in the City of Manvel and to promote or develop municipal infrastructure related to the development or expansion of the business enterprise.

Duties:  Directors shall exercise ordinary business judgment in managing the affairs of the Corporation.  In acting in their official capacity as Directors of the Corporation, Directors shall act in good faith and take actions they reasonably believe to be in the best interests of the Corporation or which would be lawful and shall refrain from actions not in the best interest of the Corporation or which would be unlawful.  A Director shall not be liable if, in the exercise of ordinary care, the Director acts in good faith relying on written financial and legal statements provided by an accountant or attorney retained by the Corporation.

Time Commitment:  The time commitment varies somewhat, based on projects being undertaken. Normally, one meeting per month, typically the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m., in meetings of 1 to 2 hours duration (As of January 1, 2020, the board is meeting quarterly unless a project warrants an extra meeting).  Some outside reading and study will be required.

Members:   Each Director must reside within ten miles of the City of Manvel.

Manvel Economic Development Corporation

Board Member  


Lorraine Hehn3/2020-3/2022
Angela Graham3/2020-3/2022
Chad Bell3/2020-3/2022
Larry Akery3/2021-3/2023
Ed Perry
Karen Kinlaw3/2021-3/2023
Robina Spruill3/2021-3/2023